Our Story

The Meraki Story

In 2019, our founder, Cyrus, found himself in the midst of travelling the world with his fiancé, on a journey that not only sparked inspiration, but a newfound love and joy for creativity.
Travelling throughout the depths of the Philippines, he came across a mandala style artifact that immediately captured his attention. It brought unexpected benefits and inspiration that Cyrus did not expect. While travelling throughout his native country, he found that this simple device helped reduce his anxiety, calmed his mind, and relaxed his soul, all while travelling.
When more of his community grew interested in the hand-crafted pieces, Cyrus knew he wanted to bring this craft that had been mostly kept in the jungles of the Philippines to a global audience. 
It began by Cyrus spending hundreds of hours and materials, tirelessly learning the craft and perfecting this art. He understood that what makes this mandala bracelet special, was the fact that every piece was handmade, and you can see and feel that when fiddling around with it; something a factory made piece could never replicate.
And with that, Meraki Sphere was born alongside a logo that is inspired by elements of Filipino culture such as; oneness with others, affinity with nature, and kalooban; meaning what's inside the self.
Today, Meraki Sphere is on a mission towards growing our artisan partners, and reaching a greater audience who may benefit from the workings of this incredibly functional and sensational hand made piece. We've sold to over 23 countries worldwide, and gained a large following on social media. We cannot wait to see where we can take this, and we thank you for joining us on our journey!