• What material are your fidget bracelets made of? | Tarnish resistant brass wire
  • Do you offer them in colours other than gold? | We are currently in the process of sourcing silver wire that is appropriate for this type of bracelet. Stay tuned!
  • Do you offer different sizes? | As a matter of fact, we do! Please visit our Etsy shop as we have our new Mini and Plus sizes prepared on there. Those will be coming soon to our website. 
  • What is your return policy? | You may request a refund/return of your bracelet if you are unhappy with it within 14 days of purchase. Please contact us and we will do everything in our power to ensure you have a good shopping experience. 
  • I want to see these bracelets in person, will you be at markets and shows? | Yes, follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our in-person events. We regularly attend farmers markets, art shows, and craft showcases throughout the year so customers can demo and experience this wonderful bracelet first hand. 
Got more questions? Send us an email at info@merakisphere.com or message us on Instagram. Thank you for stopping by!