What is Meraki Sphere?

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You've Never Seen Anything Like This

Or maybe you have? This wonderfully unique, all-in-one ornament, can be used as a candle holder, hair bun accessory, stress reliever, fruit holder, bracelet, candle stand, meditation device, wine bottle decor, pendant, essential oil diffuser, centrepiece, Christmas ornament, fidget ball, rearview mirror decor, and a conversation starter.

Engage in Endless Discovery

Meraki Sphere is Patent Pending & Trademarked

Yup, We Make These Right From Our Own Kitchen

Believe it or not, we actually handcraft, each and every single Meraki Sphere right from our very own home, by hand. Yup, this meticulously detailed arrangement of gorgeous wire, and stunning beads, is constructed and assembled by our own two hands. No machines, no factory, and no tricks, Meraki Sphere is proudly Canadian Made, and Edmonton Made, by hand. We spend the hours, and withstand the blisters, so you don't have to. 

Remember those fidget spinner...things?

Well these aren't those, in fact, they're better. More versatile, and more imaginative, Meraki Sphere can give you something to fidget with, and encourage greater mindfulness. Some may have had a similar product back in the day, but have since disappeared. We're brining them back in style! Isn't resurgence a wonderful thing?


  • "I used to play with these when we were kids! It's so nice to see them again"
    - Sara H.
  • "Ok, this is wild. So cool that it can change into all these different shapes"
    - Luke P.
  • "It's so gorgeous, and so pretty. I love how all the parts move so smoothly!"
    - Claire A.

Now Available in Wholesale

If you believe Meraki Sphere would be a fantastic fit for your business or store, and are interested in carrying our products in your shop, please email us at merakisphere@gmail.com, and we will gladly get in touch.

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