About Meraki Sphere

Welcome to Meraki Sphere, your one stop shop for all your fidgeting needs!

We are a Canadian-based small business located in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta. Our passion is to create handmade Fidget Blooms that are not only functional but also fun to use. At Meraki Sphere, we believe that fidgeting can be a productive and enjoyable activity, and we are here to make that happen!

Our Fidget Blooms can transform into dozens of different shapes, making them perfect for all age groups. Whether you're a student who needs help staying focused during class, a busy professional who needs a stress-reliever during work hours, or simply someone who likes to keep their hands busy, we have the perfect fidget, in your favourite style.

All of our products are handcrafted with love and care, using only the finest and most durable materials available. We believe that quality and craftsmanship are key to creating a long-lasting and enjoyable fidget toy experience.

Our fidget accessories are not just for fidgeting though - they can be used as ornaments, bracelets, and even as a desk toy. They are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little bit of fun to their daily routine.

So go ahead and take a look at our collection of fidget accessories and tools. We are confident that you'll find something that you'll absolutely love. At Meraki Sphere, we put our heart and soul into every single toy we make, and we hope you'll feel the same way when you hold one of our creations in your hands.