• Iron Timber Loop
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Iron Timber Loop

Orbi-Loops is like a little handmade whisper of calm for your fingertips. This budget-friendly fidget toy brings a touch of style to your day, making it the perfect companion for both work desks and moments on the go. It's not just about stress relief; it's about finding personal solace. A stylish finger jewelry piece, it becomes a personal statement that brings a gentle smile to your face.

SIX Reasons Why You’ll Love Orbi Loops:

  • High quality construction: made from a durable internal steel ring, and curated beads to create the perfect combination of flow, and function.
  • Audible & Tactile Experience: immerse yourself in the sound and feeling of the beads as they tumble against one another.
  • Versatile design: the perfect blend of functionality and artistic expression. Personalize your loops to your own individual style.Wear it, display it, or fidget with it. The perfect edc (every day carry)
  • Discrete & professional looking: Not your average fidget toy with bright colours, and squishy materials. This looks wonderful in your hands, as well as on your desk, or anywhere you go. (edc)
  • Endlessly Fidget: Unlike other fidget toys that require a stop/go movement, Orbi-Loops can be used continuously, and for however long you want. You can even fidget with it in a number of different ways.
  • The perfect gift: A great (small) little gift for your friends, family, loved ones. It’s cute, it’s tiny but beautiful, and it’s functional. Great for corporate gifting, bridesmaids gifts, groomsmen gifts, gift boxes, and more!


∙Style | Iron Timber

∙Hematite + Thuja Wooden Beads

∙Heavy Gravity (45 grams)