About Us

To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work


It is our greatest belief that no matter how hectic our lives may be, we should never allow important moments to be overshadowed by forces that pull us down. Family comes first - whether they're the ones who share our name or the ones we choose with our hearts. We believe that the epic chapters of our lives are written along side those we call family. 

We are a community of passion goers, and hopeless optimists who believe our lives are more meaningful when we're supporting and encouraging others. We must let go of the need to be perfect, and embrace what is right in front of us. We must choose positivity over drama. We welcome authenticity and sincerity. We are the glue that holds our communities together. 

We seek inspiration in everything we see and feel, and we are inspired by the passion of those around us. We are wise, brave, authentic, passionate souls. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we're doing our very best. 

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to create a product that embodies everything we cherish most. Even the name, Meraki, means to put something of yourself into your work. Too often we find people doing things they are not passionate about. Our hope is to inspire those who are looking for something more. 

A lot of times we find ourselves riding the waves of life that brings us joy, understanding, challenges, and even heartache. We often wait, and wire some more for the big waves to come along. You know, those life changing moments that bring us nothing but overwhelming happiness. Eventually, however, if we train ourselves to focus on those big waves, we'll find the little everyday moments - the small joys - slip right past us. 

No matter what small joys may be, Meraki Sphere is here to help you be inspired, and become more mindful of what's most important in your life. Meraki Sphere is a symbol that life is continuously changing. You just have to change with it. If Meraki Sphere is the waves of life, you must come to realize that you're the one wielding it. You're in control. You create your own destiny. 

 More than just an ornament, Meraki Sphere keeps you connected to what matters most and becomes a part of your story. Consider them everyday reminders that you slip onto your wrist, connecting you to your purpose, your community, and yourself - reminding you that you're in fact, not along on this journey. 



- Owner, founder, husband, and friend. 

My journey thus far has been filled with amazing little moments shared with the people I call family, and all of whom have inspired me while venturing around the world, and back again. My wife, Jennifer and I have travelled to over 22 countries, including Morocco, Philippines, India, and Germany. She is the reason I decided to leave my comfort zone a long time ago, and I am so blessed to share my life with her and, our wonderful cat. 


Stay Tuned. We have some amazing things to share, coming soon!