Meraki Sphere

Spring Day | 8mm

**Meraki Sphere has been nominated For The Made in Alberta Awards 2020 for the Unique Product category! Thanks to everyone who voted! We cannot express how much we appreciate your support! Results come out in September 2020.**


Magic in The Palm of Your Hands

Meraki Sphere is designed to deliver both a unique and meditative experience, by tapping into your innate sense of feeling and touch. Incredibly versatile, Meraki Sphere can transform into various shapes, each with their own unique spiritual meaning. 

Anxiety Relief

Meraki Sphere's soothing movements and mesmerizing design encourages relaxation and anxiety relief. Being able to endlessly manipulate Meraki Sphere and find your rhythm makes for a fantastic fidget tool to destress and relax. Whether you're at the office, at home watching the news, or out on a walk, Meraki Sphere is there for you.


More Than Just an Ornament

No matter the environment, Meraki Sphere can adapt, conform, and attune to its surroundings. Shape it into a candle holder, bangle, fruit accessory, pendant, hair piece, and other endless creations you can imagine.


A Marvel in Craftsmanship

Each Meraki Sphere is handcrafted using 74 individual pieces; cut, bent, and looped together to create it's stunning array of gorgeous metals and beads. A great deal of precision is required to allow the pieces to move freely, and smoothly in unison.



  • Tarnish resistant golden brass wire
  • Gorgeous variety of beads available
  • 100% handcrafted and locally made
  • Transforms into dozens of shapes
  • Relaxing and meditative properties
  • 1 hour to construct one from scratch
  • Available in two sizes, 6mm and 8mm beads
  • Encourages creativity and imagination


     *NOTE: Meraki Sphere no longer includes the logo charm as we've received feedback from customers that it impedes on the movement and may get caught and ruin the ornament while in use. 


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