Meraki Sphere

Ocean Coral

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Ocean Coral - Blue & Pink Crackled Acrylic Beads

Wear it, hold it, fidget with it, there are so many ways to use this geometric mandala sphere to feel more mindfully aware. Plus, it so much more elegant and discreet than other stress relief tools.

Flawlessly handcrafted featuring beautiful and colourful beads embedded throughout gold brass wire, the Meraki Sphere is an interactive sensory tool that encourages deep relaxation and meditation through its smooth and mesmerizing movements.

Great for mindfulness practice, meditation, stress relief, enhancing finger dexterity or just fidgeting on-the-go, you can transform this nifty little tool into dozens of stunning shapes. This is the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season, or the newest ornamental addition to your already incredible holiday decor collection!

Product Details
⚬ Useful as a pendant, candle holder, meditation tool, fidget toy, pendant, gift idea, stocking stuffer, and more!
⚬ Ornament Size: 3.6'' x 3.6'' x 1.0''
⚬ Ornament Thickness: 1.0''
⚬ Bracelet Diameter: 2.8''
⚬ Bracelet Circumference: 9.1'' (with flexibility)
⚬ Metal: Tarnish Resistant Brass
⚬ Bead Size: 8mm beads
⚬ Weight: 45g
⚬ Handmade & Crafted With Care
⚬ Please note that photos are enlarged to showcase detail. 


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