Meraki Sphere - Lava Rock

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Meraki Sphere - Lava Rock, is a unique and stunning ornament that features a mesmerizing array of lava rock beads, and luscious gold wire, with the unique ability to change shapes. You can manipulate Meraki Sphere into various forms for use as decoration, jewelry, and meditation. There are over 20 different shapes that can be formed, encouraging creativity, and endless fun. 

Meraki Sphere Lava Rock can be used with essential oils, that diffuse throughout the day as you wear or fidget with it. 

Every Meraki Sphere is proudly designed, and hand crafted in Edmonton, AB Canada.


  • 1.04mm Premium 18 Gauge Tarnish Resistant Wire
  • Genuine Lava Rock Beads
  • Meraki Sphere Charm Pendant
  • Handcrafted Quality & Meticulous Detail
  • Create with 20+ Different Shapes
  • Constructed Using 60+ Individual Pieces
  • Healing & Meditative Properties
  • Can be used with essential oils 

Included In The Box:

  • Meraki Sphere Ornamental Jewelry
  • "No-Fall" Ornament Hanging S-Hook
  • Ornament-Grade Braided Hanging String
  • Meraki Sphere Sticker 

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