Meraki Sphere

Flock of Flamingos | 8mm

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  • $40.00


Magic in The Palm of Your Hands

Meraki Sphere is designed to deliver both a unique and meditative experience, by tapping into your innate sense of feeling and touch. Incredibly versatile, Meraki Sphere can transform into various shapes, each with their own unique spiritual meaning.


More Than Just an Ornament

No matter the environment, Meraki Sphere can adapt, conform, and attune to its surroundings. Shape it into a candle holder, bangle, fruit accessory, pendant, hair piece, and other endless creations you can imagine.


A Marvel in Craftsmanship

Each Meraki Sphere consists of 74 individual pieces; cut, bent, and constructed together to create it's stunning array of gorgeous metals and beads. A great deal of precision is required to allow the pieces to move freely, and smoothly in unison. Meraki Sphere is hand crafted, and assembled by a husband and wife couple, who share a love for meticulous attention to detail and hand made passion projects.


Diffuse Essential Oils

Lava beads are natural beads made from cooled down molten rock after a volcano eruption. The pitted surface of lava rock beads is perfect for essential oil diffusing. Meraki Sphere with Lava Rock offers a unique and pleasant way to experience Meraki Sphere with the healing and grounding properties it offers.



  • Hand Made & Constructed in Edmonton, AB
  • 1.04mm / 18 Gauge Tarnish Resistant Golden Wire
  • Natural Stabilized Turquoise Pink Beads
  • 12mm Laser Engraved Meraki Sphere Golden Charm
  • Create Dozens of Shapes
  • Healing & Meditative Properties
  • A Truly Unique Sensory Experience


Included In The Packaging

  • Meraki Sphere - Meditative Ornament
  • Premium Gold "S" Hook
  • Information Card




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