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Fidget Totem | Sterling Onyx

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Twirl it, Roll it, Spin it, Fidget Totem is the pinnacle of easy to use, easy to carry, sensory fidgets. We've all twiddled around a pencil in class before, and Fidget Totem helps make that experience more meaningful. Designed for fidgeters, and made for everyone, Fidget Totem puts an emphasis on the length of the fidget, and weight distribution, creating an experience that goes above and beyond. Not only is this achieved through its materials, but also the fact that there is a slight curve that not only helps the totem flow more freely in your fingers, but fun fact: because of this curve, Fidget Totem is designed to never roll off a table or counter if dropped, so you don't have to worry about it rolling away. Neat!

Great for mindfulness practice, meditation, stress relief, enhancing finger dexterity or just fidgeting on-the-go, you can fidget endlessly with this fidget toy, fidget pendant, or however you want to call it. This is the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season, or the newest fidget accessory to add to your desk or home office.

This listing is for our Fidget Totem Fidget, STERLING ONYX.

H O W - T O - O R D E R
1. Select Your Totem Style (Round, Faceted, & Length (X3 Standard, X4 Long beads))
2. Browse our Fidget Totem Add-On accessories (Magnetic Necklace Cord) *Coming Soon*
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S I Z E - D E T A I L S
X3 Hematite Beads: Perfect for the average hand size. This size proved to be the most popular and preferred size amongst adults and children.
X4 Hematite Beads: Perfect for those with much larger hands, or for those used to fiddling around with pencils, pens, and longer objects.

I T E M ∙ S P E C I F I C A T I O N S
⚬ Black Acrylic + Dark Grey Hematite + Rhinestone Crystal Spacers
⚬ Totem length: 2.8''
⚬ Features: Round loop at the end to attach to a cord, or keychain.
⚬ Inner-Metal: Tarnish Resistant Yellow-Gold Brass
⚬ Magnetic Pendant Combo: Includes black faux leather cord, brass magnetic clasp.
⚬ Totem Weight: 20g
⚬ 100% Handmade from scratch
⚬ ** Photos are enlarged to showcase detail**

H O W ∙ T O ∙ F I D G E T
⚬ If you've ever twirled a pencil before, Fidget Totem provides a similar experience, in a more compact, and beautiful way. The outer beads are larger to help you easily grasp the fidget as it rolls across your fingers, allowing you to fidget faster, and fidget better.
⚬ Practice, Practice, Practice! Watch some YouTube videos, ask a friend, or develop your own method towards finding your perfect fidgeting style. I primarily twirl it between my pointer and middle finger which I find gives me the best enjoyment.

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Therefore, it generally takes an average of 6-12 business days (PROCESSING + SHIPPING) after the order date to receive your order. All methods of shipping have been tested to ensure your Totem arrives is pristine condition. Upgraded shipping speeds are available at checkout. If you have any questions about delivery, please feel free to ask.

A B O U T ∙ F I D G E T ∙ T O T E M
Our mission is to create the best "fun-things" and redefine the idea of fidgeting as being a necessary tool towards our mental well being. All Fidget Totem products are handcrafted, and designed with care to ensure that every piece is extra special, just for you.

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