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Dark Phoenix | Articulating Fidget Orbit | Sensory Fidget Aid

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An out of orbit experience, Orbi-Loops is a finger fidget designed to go with the flow, and clackle along your fingers. Three interlocked, beaded rings give off a stimulating sensation as you endlessly tumble them, without ever having to reset. Designed to never tangle, Orbi Loops is the ideal fidget for the active fidgeter. Enjoy the added bonus of ASMR with the clickity, clacking of the beads as you fidget with them.


M A T E R I A L S 
* Steel memory wire 
* Crackled Glass Beads

S P E C S 
* Approximately 2.7’’ wide
* Medium Gravity - Medium weight with deep pitch clacking sound

H O W ∙ T O ∙ O R B I T
1. Place Orbi-Loops around your pointer finger, and with your thumb, begin making “finger snap” motions while manipulating the loops in random directions.
2. Fold, Tumble, Twirl the loops and discover your rhythm.
3. Alternatively, place Orbi-Loops on your palm, and fold the rings over one another in an endless fashion.

O R B I ∙ C A R E
1. Please keep Orbi Loops away from your mouth.
2. Avoid getting Orbi Loops wet, as water and metal do not go well.
3. Do not toss/throw this fidget.