• Agender | Fumble & Tumble Fidget Accessory
Meraki Sphere

Agender | Fumble & Tumble Fidget Accessory

A curiously addicting, ultra quality desk toy designed to help you focus your thoughts. Whether you fidget at work, in the classroom, or at home, Orbi Loops have got you covered.

Orbi Loops has three rings, interconnected in a mobius fashion that makes it one of the most fun and sophisticated-looking fidgets on the planet. Maneuver Orbi Loops by tumbling it along your fingers, while exploring dozens of fidget maneuvers you can perform. Some “out of this world” moves that we’ve come up with include, Cosmic Fold, Crashing Orbit, and Space Jump! Go, give them a try!



∙ABS Plastic 

∙Light Gravity (12 grams)

∙Rarity: Common