Orbi Loops

Exploring New Ways To Fidget

Experience Orbi-Loops, a fun flowing fidget orbit, designed to ease stress, reduce anxiety, and self-regulate your mind through fidgeting exercises. Go with the flow, and twirl the three interlocked, beaded rings throughout your fingers in an endless fashion. Orbi-loops will never tangle, so you can fidget for as long as you like! Enjoy the added bonus of ASMR with the clickity, clacking of the beads as they tumble along your fingers. Light gravity levels offer a high pitch clack, while heavier gravity levels offer a lower pitch clack.

Every piece is handmade with steel memory wire and only the most high quality, and gorgeous beads. Three gravity levels (light, medium, heavy), offer a personalized fidgeting experience. Orbi-loops offer both a tactile, and audible (ASMR) sensory experience. A wonderful EDC sensory toy addition to any mindful toolkit.