Meraki Sphere

Tourmaline | Crystal Fidget Mandala

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Multi-Purpose Fidget Crystal Sensory Sphere | Discrete + Silent Stim For Adults

Every gemstone in the mineral kingdom carries its own unique metaphysical and healing properties that may help you feel energized, and more at peace. Pair this with our Meraki Spheres, and you have yourself the ultimate tool for self-enrichment.

Experience Meraki Sphere, a fidget blooming bracelet you can wear, style as a hair accessory, or fidget with as a way to relax. There are just so many ways to use this geometric piece to feel less stress, reduced anxiety, and greater focus. Plus, it so much more elegant and discreet than other stress relief fidget toys and tools. Decorate your home, office, or classroom with a fidget ring that doubles as an ornament, triples as a bracelet, and more!

Great for mindfulness practice, meditation, stress relief, enhancing finger dexterity or just fidgeting on-the-go, you can transform this nifty little tool into dozens of neat shapes. Tired of boring gifts? Our fidget bracelet will surely surprise and delight for any occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or baby shower! Remember, don't just grow...bloom!

Every one of my kinetic sensory mandalas are made to order, which gives our pieces a unique meaning that is specific and special to you.

B L O O M ∙ S P E C I F I C A T I O N S
⚬ 8mm beads in an assortment of crystal gemstones to choose from.
⚬ Item Thickness: 1.0’’
⚬ As a Bracelet Circumference: Standard 8.5’’
⚬ Metal Type: Tarnish Resistant Yellow-Gold Brass
⚬ Bracelet Weight: 45g
⚬ 100% Handmade from scratch
⚬ ** Photos are enlarged to showcase detail**

H O W ∙ T O ∙ F I D G E T ∙ B L O O M
⚬ Every connection, loop, and ring is moveable. Manipulate the ring in various ways, creating kaleidoscopic shapes.
⚬ Beads are designed to spin freely along the ring. Twiddle the beads for an added sensory experience. With the sphere collapsed, you may even spin the beads against one another, creating a friction-like texture. (Best with lava rock and round beads)
⚬ Placing both pointer fingers inside the ring, you can twirl the bracelet in a circular motion for an enhanced sensory experience.
⚬ In the shape of a sphere, it can be used as a distractive spinning ornament against a hard surface. The perfect spherical twirler.
⚬ Expand and contract Meraki Sphere through both ends while performing breathing exercises as a way to visualize your progress. You know that breath application on your watch, just like that! Visualize the sphere as though they are your lungs breathing air in, and breathing air out.
⚬ Stress ball: Create a sphere shape, and squeeze the centre slowly, allowing yourself to feel the friction of the wire give off a vibrating effect for an extra soothing sensation.

I D E A S ∙ B L O O M ∙ C R Y S T A L S
Sensory Fidget \\ Candle Holder \\ Hair Bun Accessory \\ Vehicle Ornament \\ Office Stress Ball \\ Unique Gift Idea \\ Fruit Holder \\ Christmas Tree Decoration \\ Focus Tool \\ Birthday Gift \\ Wedding Favour \\ Fidget Bracelet \\ Stim Necklace \\ & More!

B L O O M ∙C A R E
To maintain the quality of your new Meraki Sphere Bracelet, please:
⚬ Avoid moving/collapsing the outer loops through the middle of the mandala
⚬ Fidget mindfully, and gently to enjoy a relaxed sensory experience and avoid damaging the bracelet
⚬ Avoid using chemical jewelry cleaners on this bracelet
⚬ Store Meraki Sphere in a cool, dry place
⚬ Avoid placing this bracelet inside of a bag, or pocket with other items to prevent damage.