Meraki Sphere

Sky Blue SS | 3D Wire Mandala Fidget

Experience this interactive fidget mandala featuring moveable rings that transforms into cool and unique figures. These 3D wire mandala fidgets are uncommonly awesome, and very visually stimulating making it a superb choice as a desk toy, or entertaining pocket-sized fidget tool for any environment. Plus, it’s so easy to use! Just pick one up and allow your fingers to flow through its geometry as you indulge in all the creative ways you can enjoy this. The more you fidget with it, the more magic there is to discover. 


S T Y L E∙ D E T A I L 

Sky Blue - Crackled Light Blue Glass Beads X Shadow stainless steel (SS)


W H Y ∙ Y O U L L ∙ L O V E ∙ I T

⚬ Magically transforms into 35 mesmerizing shapes.

⚬ Handmade quality you can literally touch and see.

⚬ A once popular fidget toy of the 90’s. Your grandma may have one!

⚬ Completely silent to fidget with. Perfect for at work, or inside a classroom.

⚬ Meaningful and high quality beads give this piece character and personality.

⚬ Popular use-cases: candle decor, desk toy, fidget bracelet, unique gift idea


*Shadow Stainless Steel available in Standard Size only 


O U R ∙C A U S E

Founded in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Meraki Sphere specializes in tools and accessories that promote mindfulness, focus, and creativity. Sometimes everyday stress can get the better of us, but given the right tools, we can kick it to the curb! Our goal is to increase awareness of the importance of fidget accessories, while eliminating the stigma surrounding fidget toys, as distractions, and gimmicks.

This 90’s curiosity is making a comeback, and we are excited to introduce them to a whole new generation of fidgeters, or reintroduce them to those whose memory we just unlocked.



9 0 0 + ∙ 5 - S T A R ∙ R E V I E W S


J O I N ∙ O U R ∙ 1 0 0 K ∙ F O L L O W E R S