What is Meraki Sphere?


My name is Cyrus, and I am the owner and founder of Meraki Sphere, a unique and stunning ornament that can change shapes to suit your style. I started this company with a mission, to turn the topic of mental wellness into something tangible, something you can touch, feel, and hold. The ability to manipulate Meraki Sphere from one shape to another, is very much similar to how our thought process may be. Going from one thought to the next, we sometimes find ourselves in a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions. Being able to hold something that moves so smoothly, and be manipulated freely, encourages the realization that we in fact have full control over our thoughts and emotions. Whether it is taking action to adapt to our environment, or seeking assistance, there are endless ways in which we can attend to our mental health. Meraki Sphere is a symbol of mental wellness, and strives towards creating greater awareness, while providing others with the courage to take action for themselves or for others. 

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