How it all started

 I came across this Mandala trinket while travelling across East Asia with my Fiancé. It immediately caught my attention the second I saw it, and impulsively I purchased one. To me, it was the neatest little device I purchased the entire trip. I couldn’t stop playing with it, on the bus, train, and even in the hostels. I even believe it helped reduce my anxiety of travelling from place to place, city to city in foreign lands. Fast forward a year or so, I rediscovered it in my storage of “travel memorabilia”, crushed and no longer functional. I decided that I’ll just get another one, however, there was not a single store in my city that carried anything like it. I decided to try and fix it myself with a bit of self-learning, and before you know it, I had taught myself how to make one from scratch! This is where the idea of Meraki Sphere came to be. 


Something so calming and relaxing, that also brings myself passion and joy to make, needed an appropriate name. That led me to the word, Meraki; To leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work. When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of yourself into it. It was the perfect name. The tropic of Mental Health has always been something I’ve advocated for, whether it relates to my own struggles, or the struggles I’ve seen my friends/family go through, it’s truly something that is crucial to address. The shape of the Mandala presented within Meraki Sphere has historically been used in Buddhist practices, relating to meditation and relaxation of the mind. It made perfect sense that Meraki Sphere be a symbol of mental wellness. 

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